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Designing Design System Book

Hello everyone,

After a year of work, I wrote the second book: Designing Design System. The book has theory and practice for creating a design system step by step from start to finish and maintenance. 

This book is for everyone, whether you are a designer, developer, or manager. Each of you will be able to look at the design system from a new angle and find useful things for yourself. 

In the book, you will learn how to make an effective and really working design system most quickly and easily possible. Regardless of the size of the team or project. I'll show you all the tweaks and features that reveal system creation in a new way and lead to the best results. You'll see why design systems often don't work and how you can fix it. 

Designing Design System is not a book of other people's experiences and examples of other people's systems. It is a new way of looking at design systems. The book contains a lot of detailed illustrations of all the steps to building a system. Also, it includes a design system example in Figma, according to all the principles described in the book.

I hope you enjoy reading the book and that it helps you take your work to the next level. 

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