Designing Design Systems

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This book is about how to make effective and working design systems. There is a theory about what design systems are and what attributes they should have to be useful. And there is a practical part where I explain each step of building a system in detail.

The book will help you create design systems quickly, easily, and for the last. It will make your design system clear and brevity, taking the quality of your work to the next level.

What is inside the book

01. Intro

A few words about the book and what is most important in creating a design system.

02. Design System

What are design systems, what are their benefits, and why are they worth doing.

03. Working System

All about what it takes to build an effective and working design system.

04. Elements

Step by step all the elements of building a design system from the foundation to the modules and patterns.

05. Workflow

Who designs the system and when. What tools to use and what the work process should be for new and existing projects.

06. Product

What is the result of building a design system and how to make its maintenance easy.

07. Addons

Inside, you will find a checklist and, along with the book, a Figma file with an example design of a website and a system based on what is described in the book.

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Designing Design Systems

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